mboxgrep unstable

Most recent news:

Version Date released Changes
0.7.9 Aug 24 2003 Support for mbox folders compressed with bzip2 algorithm has been implemented. Compilation issues on recent RedHat systems and a bug that caused problems with deleting files from mbox folders have been fixed.
0.7.8 Mar 31 2003 MH backend no longer crashes and does not read files which are not RFC 2822 messages. Reading of compressed mbox folders from standard input is now supported, thanks to a code cleanup.
0.7.7 Jun 18 2002 Reading from standard input has been implemented.
0.7.6a Feb 8 2002 A small bug that caused compilation errors has been fixed.
0.7.6 Feb 8 2002 A nasty bug which caused mboxgrep to coredump on recursive search of maildirs has been fixed. Small code cleanups have been made, as well.